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Aviation Regulatory Authorities worldwide have introduced mandatory requirements for Airworthiness Management of aircraft on their register

The various compliance regulations fall under the designation of Continuing Airworthiness Management (CAM), with the organizations approved by the regulatory authority designated as Continuing Airworthiness Management Organizations (CAMO).


Approval to engage in continuing airworthiness management and to issue, if applicable, airworthiness review report in accordance with Airworthiness Notice 6102 and to issue, if applicable, permit to fly in accordance with Notice 8503, for the aircraft specified.

  • Maintenance Program Development

  • Technical Services & Consultation for SB, AD

  • Documents and Archive Management

  • Liaison with Maintenance Contractor

  • Airworthiness Review Report (ARR) for Certificate of Airworthiness issuance or renewal


We also provide services:

  • Quality assurance auditing

  • Aircraft surveys

  • Aircraft record review and audits

  • Aircraft physical inspections and reporting

Please contact us for an in-depth consultation on our profesional services. We look forward to hearing from you.


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ATAS Aero Engineering (1).png
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